About us

  • 15. 01. 2020

HRU is one of the lead non-governmental organizations in Georgia with over 15-year experience of implementing projects targeting healthcare issues of priority importance. HRU was established in 2000. The activities of HRU have mostly focused on prevention, counseling, education and treatment of infectious diseases (HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, viral hepatitis, infections transmitted from mother-to-child, respiratory infections), however, the organization also has a health systems research portfolio.  Additional line of  HRU’s activities is educational projects.
The members of the union are public health specialists, physicians, nurses, epidemiologists, biostatistician, psychologist, lawyer. Majority of HRU staff holds international graduate degrees and/or received training in epidemiology, public health and laboratory diagnostics, as well as clinical management of HIV infection and Sexually Transmitted diseases in the United States (State University of New York; Wadsworth Center for Laboratories and Research; Emory University), France (Hospital Pitie-Salpetriere, service of Infectious and Tropical Diseases) UK (University of Edinburg).

As one of the active NGO-s in healthcare, HRU consistently delivers educational activities and advanced trainings for different target populations, institutions and communities.

Health Research Union has West Georgian Regional Branch which playes important role in developing and delivering organizations activities at a regional level.

Organizational Structure